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Xaver and Xena     30 April 2010 16:55 | Gemany
Hello, we Xaver and Xena, are on your site stumpled and leave our paw prints in your guestbook.
Would be glad you also check our guestbook
Bye, bye until than your Xaver and Xena

Mandi McClure     20 October 2009 14:10 | Utah, USA
Can we get on the Bernese puppy waiting list? When do you expect another litter? Talk to you soon and thanks
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Yes, it is possible, but I don't now exact time of next puppies. Maybe next year.

Mandi McClure     11 September 2009 00:01 | Utah, USA
Hi Juraj,
I bought a male Berner from you in 06, and then a Swissy male from you in 09. I am so happy with them both. They are very happy healthy family pets. We love them. Wherever we go we go with the dogs, people oogle them. Even at dog events people are very impressed with them. My parents are most impressed and would love to get a female berner puppy from you someday soon. 100% satisfied
Mandi :grin
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Hi Mandi,
thank you. I'm very glad ... :grin

Many regards to you and your dogs, Juraj

Marion     14 April 2009 10:30 | Vienna
Hello from Austria,

in the past we visited your HP many times, ´cause we were looking for saxanas next litter. Now we are very glad to see the information about her mating. Congratulations - and we hope that saxana and all her available puppies will be well and healthy.

Best wishes from Austria.......we keep our fingers crossed for saxana and the approaching birth......Marion

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Hello Marion,

thank you.

Best regards, Juraj

Katja Jus     11 December 2008 19:59 | Slovenia

you have very nice web page and beautiful dogs. I think we met each other in Ljubljana, Slovenia, didn´t we? I remember your Samsara 8) She is very nice lady. And the last GSMD puppies were so beautiful.

Best swissy regards from Slovenia,
Katja with Karhunkierros Inzaghi Loyd and Brina od Radovne
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thank you. Yes, I think we met in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Best regards to Slovenia,
Juraj and Kennel Cierne Kralovstvo

GRETA VRBICANOVA     01 December 2008 16:37 | slovakia

Jason     02 November 2008 18:04 | Rye, New York
Beautiful Dogs, I love your swissy pups. Is there a puppy application and price information?
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Hi Jason,

if you have any question about puppies, please send me e-mail: sjuraj@gmail.com.

Best regards, Juraj

Maurice and Ruud     20 October 2008 23:50 | Colmont, Netherlands
Hi Juraj,

Samsara and Corail's Puppies looks very nice on Video!
We see us in Erfurt next year?
Latest in Bratislava's
World Dogshow!

Best regards Maurice and Ruud
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Hi Maurice and Ruud,

We will see in Bratislava for sure. Maybe also in Erfurt.
If you need any help in Bratislava or with the registration just let me know.


Maurice and Ruud     20 October 2008 23:05 | Colmont, Netherlands
Hi Juraj,

Your Video from Samsara and Corail's litter looks great!!
We see us later next year, i hope first in Erfurt and then in Bratislava and your home!
Our Girl became the 2 place by the Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Dortmund last saturday!
Corail's Mother, Lovely has winning in her clas1
She's now VDH Veteranenchampion Germany!
I send you many pictures of Lovely and Girl in Dortmund!
Greetings Maurice and Ruud
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Hi Maurice and Ruud,
thank you, all puppies are very beautifully. CONGRATULATE to YOU and your very beautiful GIRLS !
At this time I don't now , if I go to the dog show in Erfut or not. I'm sure we will see in  Bratislava.
Thank you for photos.
Best regards, Juraj

Birgit     21 August 2008 11:52 | Austria
Your new homepage is very nice. My favorite of your dogs is Saxana. I'm looking forward to her next litter. Best wishes from Austria
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Hello Birgit,
Thank You. Saxana is in the heat at now, but at now will not mating. Now we have puppies of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and because of this Saxana will not be mated this time, but next time.
Many regards to Austria, Juraj

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